Moss Garden Pictures
Moss pictured in my Oaks moss garden at left is a Brachythecium species.

Approximately 9 square feet or one meter square of garden is visible in this picture. Brachytheciums belong to the pleurocarp mosses that grow with their stems horizontal or parallel to the ground. The other classification of mosses are the acrocarps or mosses that have vertical growing stems. Brachytheciums are good carpeters and among the most common of mosses to be found at the edge of most lawns in the shade. There are many different species and all look very similar.

Trust me if you have a lawn or yard you have this moss growing in it or a very similar one. I took thin clumps of sods of this moss and placed it on mat system and one year later it has filled in and is approximately one to one and a quarter inches thick (approx 3 cm). Other Brachytheciums actually can grow more quickly.
Illinois Central College moss garden at left. Glenn and I worked about three hours planting it in August 2009 and this is what it looked like in November three months later. Predominant species are D. scoparium, broom moss, L. glaucum, pincushion moss, and P. commune, haircap moss. About eighty square feet is visible in this picture. Total size of moss garden is approximately one hundred fourty square feet.

As a camera picture encompasses a larger area the detail of the moss is quickly lost from view, but not forgotten. If you were standing at the edge of this moss garden the fine visual details of the moss are readily apparent. What is not readily apparent is the quietness that a large moss garden is. Distant sounds retreat and the garden encompasses. Moss provide natural soundproofing.
Hypnum imponens, feather moss growing as ground cover under succulent on my north porch moss garden.
Hypnum imponens, feather moss growing as ground cover under maidenhair fern and astilbe in another north side moss garden.
Four mosses growing on mat system. In this picture several handfuls of mosses were planted in March 2008 and by late summer the moss had filled in quite nicely. Bryoandersonia illicebra, spoon or worm moss is under penny, Brachythecium salebrosum is above penny. Thuidium delicatulum, common fern moss or just fern moss and Hypnum imponens, feather or braided moss are on right side of picture.